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Hosting rating

Hosting rating is usually based on an analysis of the technical characteristics of providers. To properly analyze the rating you need to figure out where do all the numbers that are used in these lists come from. Then you can choose the provider.

Analyzing hosting rating, pay attention to the connection speed they offer. This factor depends on the configuration of the server hardware, server location, the number of hosted sites on a single drive, channel capacity, etc. The first place is hosting ranking should be occupied by the hosting provider who has the highest web page uptime.

If we are talking about the rating of paid hosting or game hosting rating, one of the selection criteria is the continuity and stability of the servers. That is, the page is a web resource that should be loaded at any time. Providers must have a high uptime. This figure is determined by the qualitative server hardware and software.

An additional advantage for providers, which affects the ratings, is to provide various services, such as domain name registration. Also in the ratings can take into account the prices and tariffs of companies. Each provider offers different tariff plans with different service packages. The main condition is to provide sufficient drive space for the web resource. The ratings take into account the characteristics of the company's equipment. Good equipment makes it possible to achieve good results of the site and its maximum efficiency.

It is desirable that when making your rating, you will take into account not just dry numbers, but real people reviews, consumer ratings. They do not only include measure specifications, but also indicate the level of responsive technical support, good service, additional services, transparency of work. Providers review allows you to select the desired option among many offers. At the same time there is less risk of choosing a poor provider.

It is important to remember that although the rating may reflect the objective situation, no one except you will not be able to assess what is needed from a provider for your web project.




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